We offer family caregivers and care recipients tools to share and document a health journey, simplify care coordination, and connect with their supportive community. 

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Through Cancer Treatment, Premature Birth, Hospital Stays, or any of Life’s Challenges

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CaringBridge Will Keep Your Family and Friends Connected

When you create your free CaringBridge Journal, you’ll have a secure place where you or your loved one can share health updates with family and friends.

Your friends will be able to:

  • Comment and encourage you along the way
  • Plan meal and care calendars

And all of this will be private, protected, and ad-free—so that your health updates stay between you and your family and friends. 

Caregiver Support

2/3 of CaringBridge caregivers receive a matched offer of support within 24 hours of their request.

Patient Support

CaringBridge provides a means for patients to receive emotional support (~40% of posts) and instrumental support (25% of posts).

Types of Support

Caregivers rank chores, food, financial assistance, personal care, and transportation as the most important categories of support.

CaringBridge families research findings: Bloom 2021 and Smith 2020.

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"CaringBridge was a great resource for my husband and myself to keep people up to date on my health journey all at the same time and receive support from family and friends"

- Jennifer Ndegwa

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Our Vision reflects how patients, caregivers, family and friends like you see CaringBridge: A world where no one goes through a health journey alone.

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